Success Truths: Passion is NEVER enough

passion not enough for success

Most of us are PASSIONATE about some things in life. But is that enough reason to turn it into a business?

The truth is, passion isn’t something that you can switch on or off with a flick of a button. Just because you have the passion for something, doesn’t make it a good business idea.

2 questions you should be asking before trying to turn your passions into profits

1. How Passionate Are You?


Most success gurus and motivational coaches would tell you to follow your passion. However, the flaw to that advice is…

We as humans are NOT one dimensional. It’s very likely that you are passionate about more than one thing. A successful entrepreneur can be passionate about his product, while having passion about marketing, networking, touching people’s lives, etc. But he doesn’t make create a business selling all of his passion. Instead, he focuses on selling his product and using the rest of his passions to boost his core business.

I hope you get the point: Following your passion is too vague as an advice, because we are not one dimensional in our thoughts, our likes, our passion.

So, the question that you should be asking is NOTwhat are you passionate about‘, but how passionate are you about something.

Instead of checking for the presence of ‘passion’ for a particular subject or niche, you should be checking the depth of passion you have for that subject or niche. Any normal person would probably feel a different level of passion for 2 different hobbies. I.e. I would feel more passionate about blogging than say…singing.

How passionate are you about your business idea? 

And now, the second and more important question comes to mind…

2. Are you passionate enough to survive the ‘gap to success’?

gap to success

Now that we have touch base on the truth about passion and profits, let’s delve into the process that will convert your passion into profits…

What is the ‘gap to success’?

Well, between the passion and the profits, did you know that there lies a huge gap?

Passion <—-GAP—> Profits

And this is the ‘gap to success’ that most people do not talk about.

It involves the sweat, the pain, the financial losses, the struggles and the failures that eventually lead to the glory, the money, the happiness, the success.

It is during the grind that happens in this gap that forces you to grow, evolve and transform into a successful digital entrepreneur.

But, no one ever talks about this gap!

Why? Because it is not glamorous, not interesting to read, not interesting to broadcast on media. That’s why every other ‘get rich quick’ program, or ‘how to succeed’ program out there focuses on the happy, glamorous result instead.

Now that you know that the ‘gap to success’ exists, it’s time to ask yourself: Are you passionate enough to survive the ‘gap of success’?


Do you agree with the truth about turning a passion into profits? Share your views in the comments below.

Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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