Never Run Out Of Blog Ideas – 4 Types of Blog Posts That Readers Will Never Get Bored Of

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As a blogger, the #1 task that you will have to do frequently is to come up with blog ideas for your blog. This may be daunting for new and aspiring bloggers who may worry about running out of inspiration to write.

Well, there are many ways for you to create content for your blog – from guest posting to outsourcing. However, the easiest, most cost effective and perhaps even the most efficient way to build your brand is to write the content yourself.

But what if I run out of things to write about?

Fret not.


Well, firstly if you truly love the topic that you blog about, you will definitely be learning more about your topic or niche each day. Simply share what you have learned in your blog, no matter how small.

Just remember that your new takeaways always make for great blog ideas because what you have just learned may be what your readers need to learn too.

If you simply can’t find any inspiration…

The 4 types of blog posts that readers will NEVER get bored of reading

Refer to this list:

  1. Lists -Lists provides an information-packed summary for the readers with short attention span. This post is an example. Keep your bullet points short and straight to the point.
  2. Reviews –┬áPeople are always searching for reviews to help them make buying decisions. Share your experience of using a product on your blog. Works great for you if you are an affiliate marketer.
  3. Short Articles – Short posts focusing on 1 single idea backed by 3 -5 key points. End with a summary.
  4. Questions or interview style – Get questions from your loyal readers and answer them in your blog posts. This creates a sense of engagement while allowing you to crowdsource your blog post inspirations.

If you ever find yourself devoid of inspiration to write your next blog post, cheat a little by peeking at this list.

I personally love #4 as it allows me to interact directly with my readers while saving me from my lack of inspiration.

Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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