How you can use Darwin’s theory of evolution to boost your business

Darwin's theory of evolution

First up, in line with the ‘most ideas ain’t original‘ belief, the idea behind this post came from this book:


Making Ads Pay
Making Ads Pay by John Caples
The ‘$’ is an attention grabber alright, but unfortunately in the library, what’s written on the book spine counts more! (Maybe that’s why I managed to borrow this book~)


Picked it up from the library after work. You’d immediately recognise a good book especially when there are gems found in the very first page. (Plus this book was recommended when I was researching for the top copywriting books for ‘Resources That All Successful Copywriters Use)

And so this blog post was born!

So back to Darwin’s theory of evolution and your business…

A little background to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Darwin's theory of evolution

So as a young and curious lad, Darwin was incredibly observant of nature and its players. On one of his extended travels, he collected specimens from the different places he visited (I suspected wanderlust).

As he was unpacking and admiring his souvenirs, he noticed similarities and was intrigued by these discoveries. Thus began his conception and study of natural selection.

Charles Darwin's illustrations from Variation of Plants and Animals Under Domestication Illustrations
Seems like one has to be equipped with pretty impressive sketching skills back then (or maybe it could be outsourced…)

In a single sentence, natural selection is the theory that evolution is driven by…natural selection. Well, better traits in a species is selected for through generations of reproduction and eventually the ‘weaker’ manifestation of those traits will be diluted in a population of organisms carrying the better trait.
(For more details, you can read Charles Darwin’s book: “The Origin of Species“)

It’s a long story, but if that was too complicated. Just forget it and read on to find out how this can boost your business.

How Darwin’s theory of evolution can boost your business

The idea is to incorporate Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (specifically, Natural Selection) into your marketing efforts, by letting your audience select the ads they like and get rid of those they do not.

Step 1: Stalk Your Audience Track Your Ads


Start tracking your marketing campaigns like an obsessed stalker

As we run marketing campaigns, it’s very important to be able to track the performance of each individual campaign. This data may be boring to track, but will be very intriguing to analyse.

Just by looking at the number of people who responded to a particular marketing campaign, you can decide the direction of future campaigns.

Just by looking at the demographics of the people who either interacted with your marketing efforts, or bought from you, you can uncover more details about the type of customers you would like to attract in the future.

Just by looking at the number of people who ACTUALLY BOUGHT from you, you can decide which product (or service) range to focus on in the future.

Step 2: Select the winning ads, weed the losing ads

With proper tracking of your marketing campaigns, you will be able to identify the campaigns that did well against those that burnt.

And, this is when you put Natural Selection into practice.

Let nature (which in this case, is your targeted audience) select the campaign that they like and get rid of those that they did not like.

vote with wallet

Once you have run at least 10 different test campaigns, you would most likely have a list of 3 to 5 outstanding campaigns that your target audience responded to with excitement.

Analyse these successful campaigns deeper.

  • Compare the traffic that is being driven to these campaigns
  • Compare the angle of these campaigns
  • Compare the demographics of the people who responded to these campaigns
  • Notice any special writing styles that could have increased the interest

Compile these similarities and you will have a clear picture and direction which will prove useful when planning future marketing campaigns. Although not all of these features may be used in a single campaign, you should seek to add as many of these ‘success’ features into your future campaigns.

By giving your target audience what they want, that’s how you boost your business. And to fully understand what they want, that’s when you apply natural selection to allow your marketing campaigns to evolve.

Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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