How To Leverage, Grow and Explode Your Instagram Account


One of the biggest problems new blogs face is the lack of traffic. But don’t be dishearten, for there is a free way drive traffic to your blog and to build your community. And that my friends, is through Instagram.

Here are some interesting Secret Instagram Explosion tricks I learnt via a webinar by foundr magazine’s founder, Nathan Chan.

foundr magazine grew their instagram account from 0 to 10,000 followers in just 2 weeks. Now that’s definitely someone whom we could learn from.

Here are some of the tricks Nathan Chan mentioned during his webinar:

1. Aesthetics is key on Instagram.

Use beautiful pictures.

from agentsteven
taken from @agentsteven

2. Branding on Instagram


If you want to build a following on Instagram for your company (or even personal branding), then these 2 essentials should always be in place.

a. Branding in your image.

Always place your logo or name in your images. Sharing of content is easy in the cyberspace. You’d never know which image of yours could go viral, bringing your Brand along for the ride.

b. Overarching theme

Your Instagram account should have an overarching theme that will attract your targeted crowd. This theme should allow people to decipher what you do and what you represent in an instant.


3. Types of content that do well on Instagram:


  • Inspirational, Motivational
  • Images that Triggers Emotion
  • Posts that Provide Value to your followers
  • Quotes
  • Case Studies or Stories of Real People

Remember: People will only follow your account if it feels like your brand resonates with them and ‘gets’ them.

Instagram can be a pain because it’s only usable on mobile. But here are some apps to help you create attention catching images with inspirational quotes:

4. Consistency.

keep a schedule

I have to admit, this is one of my greatest shortfalls. Many it is also the shortfall of many brands that fail to make it big on social media.

Post consistently. Life goes on daily, and so should your posts. Post daily. (foundr mag recommends posting once every 3-4 hours)

5. #Hashtags

Maximise and use up all 30 hashtags for each photo. Use relevant hashtags, don’t spam.

Don’t place it in your photo description. Put them in as your first comment instead.

When people leave comments, your hashtags will be neatly hidden.

Can use hashtags for likes to research for hashtags.

6. Interact and Engage

interact with people

Your first 1000 (to 10,000) followers are your core followers.

  • If they bother to write a comment, you’d better reply.
  • Always have a strong Call To Action for each post. Do you want your followers to visit your blog? or Do you want them to comment and share something?

7. Network and stay relevant.


Network with the people in your industry (or niche) and get to know the influencers personally.

Reach out to them: Serve first and ask later, always.

It’s also good to be aware of what your industry peers are doing. If they did something that works for their followers, model after them.

And here’s the best advice which I have purposely saved for the last:

Most accounts do the first 7 steps religiously but have not seen the same explosive growth that foundr mag experienced.

The following tip separated the true Instagram pros from the average Instagrammers..

8. Explode your Instagram growth with Share for Share (S4S)


Most Instagrammers who are open to S4S are on the mobile communication app, Kik.

Look for Instagrammers in your niche (or related to your niche) and reach out to them for a S4S.

Again, seek to provide value and serve first before asking later.

If you are looking for an S4S with a larger Instagram account, think: “What can I do to provide value to them?”.
You may have a larger Facebook or Twitter fan base and may be able to help your partner to grow their brand. Or, you may have a website with good traffic that may boost the awareness of your partner.

Serve first and ask later.

Driving Traffic Back to Your Blog / Website

Now that we have learned how Nathan Chan grew foundrmag into a huge account, we should shift our focus back to our key objective: Driving Free Traffic To Your Blog.

“Link in bio”

In Instagram, the only way to provide a clickable link is to place the link in your profile, under “website” .

All other links are not clickable nor can they be copied via mobile.

Remember to tell your followers to check out your link, via your photo description.

Growing Your Email List

Now, most people will NOT follow your instructions to check out your website link because it’s too much work. And they do not know what they will be getting exactly.

And this behavior, is the exact behavior that many successful brands with a large Instagram account leverage on.

Take a look at what foundrmag does:

Yes, that’s right.

They offered their followers valuable information to entice them to visit the foundr mag website.

And along the way, these followers will be invited to join their email list.

And if you noticed, foundr’s Instagram posts for their ebook is as beautiful and eye-catching as their usual daily posts.

Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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