How to get your hands on $10K in a year.

Many people are dreaming of making it BIG financially. But, BIG does not occur overnight, it starts from a SINGLE dollar.

How to get your first $10 000 in a year.

This article outlines a method for you to get your hands on your first $10000, without having to borrow from the bank. Everything else in your dreams can occur thereafter.


Because for most dreams, you would need a capital. Of course some dreams costs more than others, but using this same method, you can get your hands on your first capital.

Will this method work for me?

Well, read on and implement the method to find out. This method will NOT work for those without discipline. However, it WILL work for most of us who do.

The method



It is that simple.

I use a savings ratio of 50:50. That means, I will save 50% of my income, and the remaining 50% is for me to spend. You can adjust your ratio accordingly, depending on the amount you aim to raise and the time you have to save up.

Assuming that you receive a monthly income of SGD$3000. $600 will be taken into your CPF account. I base my savings ratio using the actual income I receive in my bank account, that is to say, $2400 per month.

The figure $3000 is taken from the average gross monthly salaries as reported in the Graduate Employment Survey 2013. The average gross monthly salary based on the 78 fields reported worked to to be about $3111.14, but $3000 is an easier example to use.

During payday, I will transfer 50% of the SGD$2400 into my savings account immediately. The savings account I use is an electronic account with a pass card that is locked up somewhere. The sole purpose of this account is for me to dump my savings month after month. There should be no outgoing transactions through this account. [The interest rate of the account does not matter, it is only a temporary account for you to lock away your capital while you are building it.]

Spend only whatever that is left in your working bank account (50% of your income). By the end of 12 months, you should have SGD$14,400 saved up.

Review your savings ratio if you find that you are spending less than 50% consistently, or if your monthly income varies.

What to do next?

what to do?

SGD$10,000 may not be a lot if you want to become a millionaire in a year, but it should be sufficient for you to proceed on with your plans to achieve your dreams.

You can choose to invest the money and start building your portfolio. Or.

You can choose to start a small business. Or.

You could spend it all on your dream vacation. [Not encouraged, unless you have a way to maintain an income while you are travelling.]

Whatever you do with it depends on your initial purpose of saving up.

You want to make it BIG this year?

June has already past, and we are now into the second half of 2014. Are you anywhere near your goals?

Leave a comment and share your goals and progress with us!

Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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