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First of all, a big welcome to the subtle lessons.

What is the subtle lessons about?

Here at the subtle lessons, we share about the lessons learnt during the transition into the world of entrepreneurship.

Most of us start out with a 9 to 5 job, and the reason you landed on this page is probably because you are looking for something beyond that 9 to 5 routine. You may aspire to build a side income doing what you love. Or you may aspire to build a passive income that will pay you whether or not you work.

the subtle lessons is here for all aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business on the side.

Just starting out?

Know that the journey to becoming an entrepreneur is a long and arduous one. Failures are scary and difficult to avoid, and yet they are the key to your growth and eventual success.

If there is just one immediate action that you can take, here it is;


Read and learn from the experience of those before you. Find out about the traps and mistakes that you can identify and watch out for.

Read and learn about the processes that successful entrepreneurs take.

Visit my Resources page for a list of Recommended Books for the aspiring entrepreneur.

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