Big Picture Easy, Execution Messy

It’s easy to see the big picture, really.

Read some relevant books, read some articles posted online, read some forum reviews or experience sharing by people in the industry.

And almost everyone can become a consultant.

Just look at the big picture, spot the obvious gaps, and…yak.

Talk is cheap.

Execution is what brings in the money.

But Execution is messy.

There are legacy issues. There are stubborn mindsets. There are cemented SOPs. There are undecipherable data.

What makes you special today is the ability to convert your big picture, empty talk into executable actions that bring the results you talk about.

But few can do that.

Can you?

Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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