5 highly recommended Free WordPress themes

5 highly recommended free wordpress themes

As mentioned previously: First impressions leave the greatest impact, and it’s the same for your blog too. With the short attention span of the current society, a website only has up to 5 seconds to make the first impression and to persuade a visitor to stay. Unfortunately, this heartbreaking truth means that a great article will never be read if it was placed on an ugly blog.

Today’s post will introduce 5 Free, beautiful and easy to configure Wordpress themes that will attract and capture the attention of your readers.

Why only 5 Free WordPress Themes?!

As a new blogger, it is easy to fall into the ‘I want to see them all before I can make the right choice of blog theme‘ trap. Sure you can do that, no one’s stopping you.

However, there are thousands of free WordPress themes available in the internet, so it’s going to take some time (a lot of time in fact) and you will NOT be able to make a choice after looking at all of them. (I’m just saying..it’s not that I was stubborn enough to try. Stop judging me.)

And so, to help you cut through the clutter (of thousands of free theme choices), here are 5 Free WordPress themes that I like.

Important Side Note – Choose Responsive Blog Themes

Always make sure that the theme you chose is responsive.

These themes are responsive themes – meaning that they will adjust automatically depending on the screen size of your reader.

People who are on mobile will see a slightly different view from those who are on desktop.

It will allow for easy reading and navigation for readers across different devices. And, with the recent hoo-ha about Google’s algorithm, just make sure that your website is as mobile-friendly as possible.

Why these themes were chosen

  • Simple design with pre-set theme colors

I’m not a very creative person and concepts of design and color matching buffles me. Thus, the themes that I choose come with nice looking colors and simple designs. You should be able to see a ‘Preview’ of a theme before you decide if you want to download it.

  • Simple and Easy backend configuration

For some reason, whenever I try to re-design or re-configure a beautiful looking theme, I end up with a mess that the theme creators probably would never want to see. Therefore, I always make sure that the WordPress themes chosen are almost ‘plug-and-play’.

For the design inclined folks, these themes allow for a certain level of configuration too.

My 5 highly recommended Free WordPress themes

1. Blogghiamo


This blog runs on Blogghiamo, a Free WordPress theme.

It provides a clean theme suitable for blogs. The design is simple and it draws the attention of readers to your blog post via the huge featured image, and a short summary.

Blogghiamo is very easy to configure using the basic widget wordpress function.

This theme works perfectly for me, it was pretty much plug and play.

2. Sela


Another clean theme suitable for blogs.

Sela also comes with a customisable front page and allows for separate home page and blog page.

Suitable if you want a front page that features your popular posts or a lead magnet that encourages people to sign up to your list.

An example: japanesejourneylessons.wordpress.com

3. Twenty Fifteen


This series of themes is create by WordPress.org. A new theme comes up each year. Twenty Fifteen is the latest and it boast a clean design that is blog focused.

I think this version looks way less cluttered compared to the Twenty Fourteen theme.

I havent used this as I am comfortable with Blogghiamo at the moment.

4. Vantage


A slightly more complicated free theme, Vantage allows you to create a custom front page with a slider.

On top of that, it comes with a page builder that allows you to create your ideal page simply by dragging and dropping your desired widgets and page elements.

It also comes with WooCommerce that allows you to create your own store front too.

The downside is that you would need to know some basic html and css for some of the widgets.

An example: www.alliancecoffee.net

5. Sydney


Similar to Vantage, Sydney also allows you to build a comprehensive front page. It comes with the Google Fonts plugin as well as a Slider plugin to allow you to build the front page.

You will need to have high quality photos for this theme to look great.

Very useful for blogs dealing with photography or craft.

The front page configuration of this theme may take some time.

When installing a new theme…

Depending on the complexity of the theme’s settings, you may need to bring your blog down when you install a new theme.

Install and activate the Under Construction plugin while you work on your new themes.


Written by Yen Yee

Yen Yee

An aspiring digital entrepreneur who continues to learn and find her way around in the online world.


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