3 Free but Powerful Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog

3 ways to attract readers to your blog

Many bloggers imagine that once their blog is up and their first blog post published, their blog post goes viral instantly.

Nope. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Especially if you have a new blog.

If no one knows of your blog, there’s no chance that anyone will share your content for it to go viral.

across a gap
The gap between a new and a popular blog

Here’s the secret: You will have to share your blog post manually to increase your reach.

And I almost gave up blogging because I did not know of this gap when I first started.

Today we will explore 3 free but powerful platforms that will help you bridge that gap.

Use these platforms to share your blog posts to more potential readers and increase your reach.

3 Free but Powerful Platforms to Attract Readers to Your Blog



Sharing on your Facebook profile is one of the easiest first step that you should take.

If you are not able or not ready to share your blog posts on your personal Facebook profile, create a Facebook page instead.


When sharing on Facebook, take note of these 3 pointers:

1. Use a high-quality image

This image should ideally be coupled with an attention-grabbing headline that gives your readers a rough idea of what your blog post is about.

2. Include a description.

Either write a short summary about the blog post or take the most interesting point in the article and place it in your description.

3. Include a Call To Action

Tell your readers to click the link to read the full blog post. Although it may seem logical for readers to click, some readers just need an extra reminder. Make it easy for them to view your blog post, and make it easy for yourself to build a readership.



Twitter is an interesting social platform on which your posts has a very short lifespan (which can last anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour). And because of this, many new bloggers may overlook it when it comes to traffic building.

However, twitter is still pretty much alive. And if it’s good for Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s good for me.

When using twitter, the strategy that you take on should be drastically different from Facebook.

2 key tricks to be successful on twitter

1. Post often, Post frequent

To overcome the issue of the short lifespan of a tweet, increase the frequency of your tweets.

A good frequency to start with is to tweet 3 times a day, post whenever you eat a meal so avoid forgetting or missing a tweet.

Hashtag tweet frequently

2. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools on twitter. They will allow potential readers to find your tweet and ultimately your blog.

For every post, add 2 to a maximum of 5 hashtags. Don’t overdo it.

If your blog post is related to a trending topic, remember to use the trending hashtag to get more traffic.



Instagram combines the strengths of both Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to share with your friends while maximising the power of hashtags.

3 tricks to driving more traffic via Instagram

1. High-quality image with an attention grabbing headline.

Instagram is a platform where people share photos, your image has to stand out from the others in order to capture attention.

use of high contrast to enhance images
Power of simply increasing an image’s contrast

A simple cheat is to up the contrast on a high-quality image. Compare the images above!

Use pixlr’s web app to adjust the contrast, it’s free and you can download your edited image without any watermark too.

Make sure this image is of the right size or ratio.

instagram photo size

The suggested size on Google for Instagram photos is: 612 pixels by 612 pixels. (or simply make sure your picture is square with a 1:1 ratio and Instagram will do the processing for you)

I like to use a bigger size (around 700 X 700 – it’s easier for me to remember) and let Instagram do the resizing for me.

2. Place your URL in your Instagram bio. (and complete your bio while you are at it)

The only clickable URL in Instagram at the point of writing is the URL in your bio. Make full use of it.

Instagram Clickable URL
Click and follow me on Instagram

While you are at it, make sure you complete your bio to give potential followers a reason to follow you on Instagram.

Always make use of every photo description to always remind your followers to go to the link in your bio to access your blog.

3. Use #Hashtags

Instagram users also search for interesting photos (and now short 15 seconds videos) using hashtags and keywords.

Maximise this behavior to reach out to more Instagram users by including 2 to 5 hashtags.

game plan

Action Plan

And those are the 3 ways to attract readers to your blog. It may seem like a lot if you are a new blogger, so here’s an action plan that will break these tips into clear actionable steps.

What you should implement immediately

From now on, after you hit publish and have a new blog post go live, here’s what you will need to do.

  1. Create a cover image if you do not already have one. Remember to use a high quality image with an attention grabbing headline.
  2. Think of 2-5 hashtags that describes your blog and your blog post (I would recommend starting with 3.)
  3. Write up a short description that either summarises your blog post or highlights an interesting point in your article.
  4. Copy the link to your new blog post.
  5. Share your link, desciption and hashtags along with the photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Stay Tuned

Watch out for the next article, where I will share 5 WordPress Tricks That Every Blogger should use to Increase Your Readership Without any Extra Effort.

These tricks will allow you to automate sharing to 2 of the social platforms above.

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